Western Restaurant Supply & Design Builds Custom Food Trucks and Trailers

The mobile food vending world in the United States is a rapidly growing segment of the food service industry, and we have noticed it first hand in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.   Here at Western Restaurant Supply & Design, we have been building customized food trailers, trucks, and buses since 2006.  Our business has only ramped up and increased since then.  Today, we offer the following services out of our Kennewick, WA location.

  • Full CAD design services with assistance in WA L&I submission and inspection for all builds.                                 
  • Custom design ability, including in-house fabrication by our team of skilled laborers.                                 
  • The region's only food truck and trailer builder, who is also a authorized direct dealer of commercial foodservice equipment. 

Have a Company who Builds Restaurants, Build your Food Truck

Over 17 years of experience designing and building restaurants goes into the process of designing and building your food truck or trailer.  We don't build and sell spec trailers, because we understand most businesses will be different and require different equipment, layouts, and utilities.  Why buy a trailer that doesn't have the hood size you need to fit your equipment?  Or a truck that doesn't have the electrical where you need it for the hot food table you will need for your menu?   We meet with you, take all of your needs into consideration when designing your trailer of truck from scratch.  

Watch the Video

Here is a short video that shows you our Kennewick, WA facility, and shares a bit of information about how we build our trailers and trucks.

We would love to meet you, and discuss your dreams and see how we can turn them into a reality.  Call our team at 866-585-6978, or visit our website contact us page for more details on how you can reach us.  

Joel Kruse
Business Manager for Western Restaurant Supply based in Kennewick, WA.

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